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"Everyone who has attended the class has enjoyed it immensely, and found great value in your processes. I have not seen a better method for prospecting in any sales literature or class."

Paula Peters, Training Specialist

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success
"What have I seen as a result of the training you provided? Salespeople who are confident about what they are doing, excited about their
careers, and excited about their financial future."

Chuck Weir,
Vice President of Sales
H&W Computer Systems, Inc.

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"We have never had a sales class in this department that so immediately affected the bottom line of the company. I would highly recommend your
class to anyone who wants to jump-start their sales."

David M. Hooper, Sales Support / Training Manager
Informix Software

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"I have been successfully selling in high-tech for over 30 years and it has become extremely important to be able to not only keep up the skill level but to learn new and better techniques to save time and make it count. Your approach certainly did that for me."

Mike Bellows, Director Strategic Accounts
Micro Focus, Inc

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"We sold more during the demo calls that we invested in the training. Now that is ROI! I've participated in a lot of training in my career, but I've never seen a program that impacted performance so directly.The workshop clearly exceeded our expectations."

Tom Brooksher, President
National Cable & Television Institute

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"Confidence levels have skyrocketed. We are actively measuring numbers of new quality contacts, number of new deals generated, size of
pipeline, etc. and all are on the rapid rise. I now can say with confidence that we have the right sales tools to effectively grow the business like we want."

Gig Willson, District Manager
SAS Software

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"My team has been raving over how easy and helpful this system has been in getting them the appointment and in front of the client. Please
continue the good work and we will be sure to have you back for our next training session!"

Jeff Abee, Director of Sales
Valtech Technologies North America

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success
LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

Are cold calling and prospecting giving your telesales, inside sales or field sales team trouble?

Are you a sales manager that needs telesales training or sales training to expand your market share by cold calling and selling into a Fortune 1000 companies?

Do you have telesales reps or a field sales team who cold call to sell technology related products and services?

What would setting up a significant number of increased, well qualified, face to face, web demos and phone appointments, be worth to your organization in terms of increased sales and a shortening of your sales cycles?

If so, are any of these cold calling scenarios familiar to you or you might have found that the following situations are common when your reps are making cold calls:

  • Are your salespeople having a hard time cold calling and reaching decision-makers and setting up well-qualified appointments?
  • Are you finding that they are suffering from cold calling reluctance and fear of rejection decreasing their overall call and sales productivity?
  • Are they having trouble getting past gatekeepers while cold calling and gathering information and even finding if this is an appropriate prospect to call on in the first place?
  • Are they finding it impossible to get cold calls returned and getting into an endless loop of voice mail with absolutely no results?

The big problem today. . .

The big problem today in cold calling on large corporations and selling technology related products and services, is that it is so hard to get a response. The salespeople are so afraid of cold calling rejection and overall the cold call effectiveness is pathetic.

It is a bad situation but it really doesn't have to be like this. People that have taken our live Cold Calling sales training workshops have had breakthroughs in all of the above issues. After taking our live cold call sales training workshops the participants report the following results:

They are easily able to reach top decision-makers that can make buying decisions without manipulative techniques and gaining full trust enabling them to set appointments much easier.

Call reluctance and fear of rejection is dramatically reduced because the process becomes so much easier and so much fun. As a result salespeople make many more calls because they're getting results consistently like they never had before.

Getting past gatekeepers is no longer a problem. In fact, people learn how to make the gatekeeper their ally, the person that can help them best in the selling process.

People have learned very simple and effective techniques for getting calls returned from voice mail quickly with prospects eager to hear what you have to offer on the other end of the line.

Have you identified with some of the problems of cold calling, prospecting, making appointments and getting together with top decision-makers?

Does your company sell technology related products and services?

Would like to see the kind of results that we talked about?

Then please read on.

You've probably attended sales training that explains once you've had a meeting with the decision-maker or prospect, how to make a presentation, how to ask questions, how to handle objections, how to close, etc., etc. However that does not do you any good if you can't meet with this person in the first place.

This is shown to be the number one issue in selling and salespeople feel if they could just get in front of more prospects, more sales would come automatically. In most sales training very specific detailed techniques are never told. They tell you to call to the top or to get a referral from someone.

The truth is most sales trainers explain that so much business comes from word of mouth and that if you get an appointment then you can apply regular sales techniques. But that does you absolutely no good if you're trying to reach a prospect that you know will never call you.

In developing our training over the years we realized that one of the biggest needs was to learn how to get in front of decision-makers. Also sales reps needed to learn how to reduce the call reluctance, eliminate the fear of rejection, how to get through or work with those gatekeepers and how to get responses from voice and email messages.

So we focus on one thing and one thing only in our workshops: how to get through the maze of large organizations and how to get appointments. And there's something else that sets us apart from all the other sales training out there as well.

Most will talk about theories and ideas and about how to sell. Even better, some courses will do role-playing and practice calls. These have a certain amount of use but they really fall short.

The reason why, is you go back to the phone, and even though you have the principles, ideas and approaches, you still haven't had the hands-on experience. Behavioral research shows that to positively modify behavior, people must actually learn and practice the behavior in real-life situations.

Although role-playing can help a little bit it really doesn't help as much as it should. We think sales training should be much more hands-on. Therefore we do something that as far as we know, no other sales training does.

This is What it Looks Like in an
Accelerated Sales Results, Inc.
Cold Calling System for Sales Success LIVE Sales & Telesales Training Workshop:

First we actually get phone numbers and have a live phone line there in class. Then Ron, from the front of the room, picks up the phone and calls Fortune 1000 companies and actually shows how to get through to decision-makers demonstrating exactly how it is done.

Participants sit there with their mouths open amazed that they're actually seeing it done before their eyes. People's jaws literally drop as Ron calls into some of the world's largest corporations. He demonstrates over and over using a variety of strategies to show how cold calling doesn't have to be hard and that it can be fun.

After the call Ron explains more about what he did and then makes another call using another technique. And he doesn't do this just one time. He does it literally for the whole first day.

Each time Ron explains what he did, what happened and what to do next. Then the day wraps up at 4 p.m. giving your sales reps time to implement what they've learned. Often at the end of the day sales reps will get back on the phone and make several calls implementing what they've learned.

Sales Reps Come Back for the Second Day and We Do Something that's Even More Outrageous.

He then has actual participants picking up the phone, calling and mirroring exactly what they've learned the day before. Now they're calling into their own Fortune 1000 company accounts, working at getting through to decision-makers and actually getting valuable work done during the workshop.

The best part is that Ron sits right next to them and coaches them through their calls. We see some pretty amazing results.

After each person finishes a call, we debrief, discuss it, get questions and feedback from the audience. At this point the workshop is at a fever pitch of excitement. People can't wait to actually do this.

The call reluctance and fear of rejection starts just melting away. Sales reps see that the very gentle, respectful, professional way in which these calls are made is something that they can do. Before you know it they start getting excited to get on the phone.

But don't just take our word for it. Now read what some of our past participants have said about this workshop by clicking here.

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