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What Companies are Saying:

"Everyone who has attended the class has enjoyed it immensely, and found great value in your processes. I have not seen a better method for prospecting in any sales literature or class."

Paula Peters, Training Specialist

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success
"What have I seen as a result of the training you provided? Salespeople who are confident about what they are doing, excited about their
careers, and excited about their financial future."

Chuck Weir,
Vice President of Sales
H&W Computer Systems, Inc.

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"We have never had a sales class in this department that so immediately affected the bottom line of the company. I would highly recommend your
class to anyone who wants to jump-start their sales."

David M. Hooper, Sales Support / Training Manager
Informix Software

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"I have been successfully selling in high-tech for over 30 years and it has become extremely important to be able to not only keep up the skill level but to learn new and better techniques to save time and make it count. Your approach certainly did that for me."

Mike Bellows, Director Strategic Accounts
Micro Focus, Inc

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"We sold more during the demo calls that we invested in the training. Now that is ROI! I've participated in a lot of training in my career, but I've never seen a program that impacted performance so directly.The workshop clearly exceeded our expectations."

Tom Brooksher, President
National Cable & Television Institute

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"Confidence levels have skyrocketed. We are actively measuring numbers of new quality contacts, number of new deals generated, size of
pipeline, etc. and all are on the rapid rise. I now can say with confidence that we have the right sales tools to effectively grow the business like we want."

Gig Willson, District Manager
SAS Software

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"My team has been raving over how easy and helpful this system has been in getting them the appointment and in front of the client. Please
continue the good work and we will be sure to have you back for our next training session!"

Jeff Abee, Director of Sales
Valtech Technologies North America

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success
LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

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Do you want to increase your sales?
Communicate more effectively?
Market your business better?

You have come to the right place. You will find a variety of E-books on sales, communication, marketing, personal & team motivation, cold calling, overcoming objections, improving your telephone communication, dealing with voice mail and utilizing technology.

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

Creating Business Over The Phone
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
15 steps to cold calling success
How to change "no" into "yes"
1 Secret to setting appointments
Effectively responding to "Just send me information"
Developing a voice that sells
Plus much more!!!

Making Cold Calling Work
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
3 steps to building your ideal prospect file
12 questions to establish credibility
11 things that people really want from a product/service
How to prioritize your calls
The importance of pre-call planning
Plus much more!!!

Maintaining Your Motivation
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
10 strategies that will help you sell   more
How to end rejection for good
The power of setting goals
Best practices of selling
10 time management tips
Plus much more!!!

Making The Most of Your Sales Presentations
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
One critical trap to avoid
Help your prospect see value by creating word pictures
A simple technique to handle tough questions
3 ways to build trust
How to conduct a technical presentation
Plus much more!!!

Improve Your Sales With Quality Questions
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
Questions for gaining agreement
Weak questions to avoid
Fact finding questions
112 prospect qualifying questions
Purchase and decision-maker questions
Plus much more!!!

Managing Objections Effectively
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
4 steps to overcome virtually any objection
Feel, Felt, Found method
Handling the price objection
How to use a cost justification
Making your offer more attractive
Plus much more!!!

The Power of Information
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
68 free resources for sales research
Finding the decision-maker, fast!
Setting up the next action step
Free resources to turn data in to dollars
Plus much more!!!

Utilizing Tools & Technology
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
Where you can find better leads
5 components of a powerful e-brochure
29 elements of an effective website
Improve responses to email
How to ask for referrals and testimonials
Plus much more!!!

Dealing with Voice Mail Hell
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
3 advantages of voice mail
10 elements of a compelling voice mail message
How to leave an effective voice mail message
Breaking out of voice mail hell
Using a phone system to your advantage
Plus much more!!!

Improve Your Telephone Communication Skills
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
11 techniques to listen more effectively
11 simple strategies to improve how you sound
An easy way to ask for an appointment
The permission secret
How to set follow-up calls
Plus much more!!!

Tips & Ideas
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
12 tips for successful negotiations
How to improve your lead qualification skills
12 essentials of great customer service, in any market
How to deal with challenging customers
Plus much more!!!

Marketing Yourself & Your Business
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
How to get free never-ending promotion
The 5 P's of professional service business marketing
2 great give-away ideas
The best business gift to give a client or prospect
Creating on-going value
Plus much more!!!

How to Use Email to Help You Sell
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn How To:
Write subject lines that will cause your email to be opened and read
Write an email that will generate a response
Write a non-salesy email
Write and use a summary email to set up a next action step
Plus much more!!!

11 Actions Sales Reps Should Avoid
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn How To:
Keep your sales cycle from dragging to a halt
Deal with buyers that say maybe
Avoid killing a conversation
Get prospects to speak with you
Plus much more!!!

5 Steps to Cold Calling Success
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
How to establish call objectives
How to quickly and efficiently find decision makers
How to get executives to take your call
What types of questions to use and which ones to avoid
Plus much more!!!

Account Review Checklist
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
Make sure you have covered all your bases to make a sale
How to Test yourself to see if you know the 5 areas needed to make a sale
What questions to ask yourself before you add an opportunity to your pipeline
How to determine if you have a well qualified prospect
Plus much more!!!

Phone Effectiveness
- By Ron La Vine
You Will Learn:
How to navigate through different phone systems
How to reach hard to reach people
When are the best times to call to reach decision makers
How to improve how you speak and sound
Plus much more!!!

26 Proven Strategies to Motivate Your Team
- By Kelley Robertson
You Will Learn:
The importance of helping your team set goals
How to use praise
What communication strategies are most effective
The power of leading by example
What employees really want from their boss

30 Strategies to Overcoming Objections
- By Kelley Robertson
You Will Learn:
Why empathy is a powerful tool
The importance of asking questions
How to reduce the frequency of objections
Harnessing the power of testimonials
One question you should always be prepared to answer

31 Ways to Deliver a Dynamic Sales Presentation
- By Kelley Robertson
You Will Learn:
How to focus your presentation
Why your customer need to be actively engaged
Differentiating yourself from your competitors
The power of enthusiasm
Common presentation traps sales people fall prey to

35 Ways to Create a Powerful First Impression
- By Kelley Robertson
You Will Learn:
One greeting you must avoid
Why you must love what you do
Focusing on what you can control
Paying attention to visual clues
How appearance affects customer perception of you

Create the business Breakthrough You Want
- By Ron La Vine & Other Heavy Hitters
Ron La Vine is a contributing author of the recently released "Create The Business Breakthrough You Want - Secrets and Strategies from the World's Greatest Mentors",


This 311 page paperback book is jam packed with ideas for building up your business.

(read more about this book)

DLI Single Channel Personal Logging System


Universal Interface
The universal line interface allows connection to outside or inside phone lines, voice mail systems, telephone handsets, radio systems and remote microphones.

Digital Performance
Audio recordings are perfect. Multiple copies of recordings can be made without degradation. Recording to a hard drive is more reliable and less prone to signal loss than recording to tape.

Simple Operation
Recording is automatic. Calls and recording status are displayed at a glance. An adjustable VOX (voice activation) system automatically starts and stops recording, breaking each conversation into a separate audio file.

Instant Replay
Calls can be replayed instantly. With most sound cards, calls can even be replayed during recording. An Instant Replay window helps you find calls quickly. Calls can be played on any Windows PC. Digital files can be copied, emailed, encrypted, and backed up on any computer. No separate playback unit is required.

Hard Disk Storage
Personal Logger lets you to select a local hard drive or a network file server as the target directory for recordings. Saving files in a shared directory or on a file server permits easy access for multiple users and easy backup of important recordings.

Call Analysis Software
Windows analysis software indexes and sorts call files for easy retrieval by phone number, company name, customer number, etc. Call analysis software let's you index calls by Caller-ID, and by outbound numbers dialed. Calls can even by cross-referenced to a national business database, or to your own personal or business database.

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