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What Companies are Saying:

"Everyone who has attended the class has enjoyed it immensely, and found great value in your processes. I have not seen a better method for prospecting in any sales literature or class."

Paula Peters, Training Specialist

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success
"What have I seen as a result of the training you provided? Salespeople who are confident about what they are doing, excited about their
careers, and excited about their financial future."

Chuck Weir,
Vice President of Sales
H&W Computer Systems, Inc.

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"We have never had a sales class in this department that so immediately affected the bottom line of the company. I would highly recommend your
class to anyone who wants to jump-start their sales."

David M. Hooper, Sales Support / Training Manager
Informix Software

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"I have been successfully selling in high-tech for over 30 years and it has become extremely important to be able to not only keep up the skill level but to learn new and better techniques to save time and make it count. Your approach certainly did that for me."

Mike Bellows, Director Strategic Accounts
Micro Focus, Inc

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"We sold more during the demo calls that we invested in the training. Now that is ROI! I've participated in a lot of training in my career, but I've never seen a program that impacted performance so directly.The workshop clearly exceeded our expectations."

Tom Brooksher, President
National Cable & Television Institute

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"Confidence levels have skyrocketed. We are actively measuring numbers of new quality contacts, number of new deals generated, size of
pipeline, etc. and all are on the rapid rise. I now can say with confidence that we have the right sales tools to effectively grow the business like we want."

Gig Willson, District Manager
SAS Software

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success

"My team has been raving over how easy and helpful this system has been in getting them the appointment and in front of the client. Please
continue the good work and we will be sure to have you back for our next training session!"

Jeff Abee, Director of Sales
Valtech Technologies North America

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success
LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling Success


Reps who have never had sales training or telesales training walk away with a methodical system for placing successful cold and prospecting calls, and are confident in doing so.

Experienced sales pros leave energized, armed with new ideas, bad habits corrected, and being shown and reminded about forgotten basic sales fundamentals.

Ultimately, the results shown from the live cold calling sales training workshop aren't a function of an attendee's years of sales experience, but rather his or her willingness to learn combined with a positive attitude for improving themselves.

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LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™

Dear Ron,

"Every week my inbox is filled with training course offers for easy answers and quick fixes to my Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service "Problems." From experience, I've learned that most aren't worth the effort to open the envelope. Accelerated Sales Results, Inc.'s Live Telesales Training program was the remarkable exception.

Listening to Ron work his magic forced me to totally rethink what it means to be effective on the phone. Ron did exactly what he said he'd do in a jaw dropping performance of skill. This training isn't voluntary, it's mandatory, for anyone with even the slightest interest in success."

Brian Hawkins, Business Development Manager
Action Technologies

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™

Dear Ron,

" I would like to personally thank you for running "The Sales Tips for Success" program for EPSG's online sales team in Hong Kong on the 22nd and 23rd June this year.

It was enlightening to watch you navigate your way around an account so masterfully. Your bold approach certainly rubbed off onto me. Now, I find myself doing things with a bit more courage without abandoning my wisdom and common sense. Since the course, I have spoken to many of the participants and it is interesting to note that most of them still recall your model of the three tier approach.

Many of them now call in at the top of an account instead of the bottom where they said they tended to operate prior to the program. Your model is simple and easy to understand. Before the program I would have thought it impolite or even aggressive to call in at the top of an account. I would have made excuses for not doing this. However, your live performances have made me realise that calling high is not only possible but, in most cases it could even be beneficial in terms of achieving quota.

I was amazed to see you actually uncover a sale for Agilent in Singapore. I know we had some concerns regarding cultures prior to the course since we were not sure how your approach would work in the different countries around Asia. I have also been very impressed by your willingness to follow through on the program. You have provided plenty of ideas for follow up and it is now up to Agilent to act on these.

Ron, thanks for a great program. I certainly hope we get the opportunity to work together again.

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™

Letter of Recommendation

"I was a bit skeptical at first, but once the training began and Ron got on the phone with OUR clients and prospects, I became a believer. His techniques are easy to understand, make a lot of sense and are simple to implement. Some on my team have already told me how they were able to make contacts and fill out an organization chart for large companies in just a few minutes using Ron's techniques.

I am confident that any sales organization can use his techniques to gather more information in a shorter period of time which will result in more sales."

Chris Chapin, Regional Vice President VAR/Telesales
Allen Systems Group, Inc

Dear Ron,

"Thanks for coming here to Southwest Florida to run your training class, it was very beneficial. Your technique has enhanced their ability to build rapport with my client base, at the same time learning the valuable information about the company necessary to close a sale. Speaking with multiple contacts and polite yet respectful persistence are the keys to selling to Fortune 1000 companies."

Matt Smith, Account Manager
Allen Systems Group, Inc.

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™

Hello Ron;

"I wanted to thank you for the sales training sessions you provided to my sales team this past week. This is the first time that I have brought in a sales training program and every account executive that went through the training had nothing but praise about you and your techniques. The way you proved your concept by actually calling "live" into our accounts was very valuable and unique.

Never in my past has any sales methodology actually proven their concept by getting on the phone live and taking a gamble that the approach may blow up in their face. My reps have made tremendous progress just within the past week regarding the concept that you taught them. My new reps along with my seasoned ones are now applying your training methodologies and making great stride. I listened to several of my new reps utilizing your approach and was amazed at how many names, contacts, information each of them were able to gather from a single site.

Before your training, it was hard to convince the reps that multiple contacts and information from each resource was critical in driving a potential sale. Now with what they have learned from Accelerated Sales Results, Inc., I have a great deal of confidence that we will be able to close an opportunity quicker, build our pipelines more rapidly and increase our "coaches" in every single account we have, resulting in higher revenue production. Thanks again Ron for the great training and be assured that Accelerated Sales Results, Inc. and you will be getting my sales training business in the future."

Ted Guthrie, VP of Sales
Baan Company

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Dear Ron,

"I wanted to drop you a note on the successes I have had since attending your training. Sales TIPS for Success has made a dramatic impact on my ability to penetrate some of the largest Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Developing a strategy to effectively identify the decision makers within an organization, create an organizational chart, probing with effective open ended questions, and leaving a compelling voice mail message have enabled me to develop relationships and secure appointments that are resulting in signed agreements with our firm.

Taking your approach makes my job significantly easier. The training has a real world application and translates into dollars in my pocket. Sales TIPS for Success is not a conglomeration of acronyms and buzz words, but a simple common sense approach to effective use of the phone in sales. Sales professionals that can effectively use the phone will differentiate themselves from the pack. Your training gives me that edge.

I wish you continued success in your endeavors. Please feel free to use me as a reference."

Patrick A. O'Boyle, III, Account Manager

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™


" I think your sales training workshop is GOLDEN! It will put significant commission dollars in my pocket - in very short order. Thanks for your insightful and helpful training - I highly recommend it!"

Kent Johnson, Account Manager

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™

Dear Ron,

"I want to thank you for our two day sales training seminar. To say the least, it was awesome! As you know, we are a diverse group - very seasoned as well as less experienced sales people. When searching for sales training, my biggest concern was finding topics that would interest and be worthwhile for all attending.

You did a marvelous job! I have over 10 years of sales experience and by the end of the first break I had learned some useful tips. You were right on the mark!

Additionally, our staff wanted training that could be applicable to their customers right away with no fluff. The hands-on calls were the way to do that! I don't think you intended to be motivational but all of the staff left "pumped up" about cold calling and still are. Your process is helping them to be more confident and successful.

How could a Sales Manager ask for more?
Again, thank you for sharing your sales techniques with Batky-Howell. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to recommending your training to any professional sales organization."

Mary Ann O'Shea, Sales Manager

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™Cadman Software

To Whom It May Concern:

"I called Ron LaVine because I knew the traditional telesales methods I was using had ceased to be effective. Our customers are highly evolved in their needs and wants, and abhorred being "sold." Since we have an excellent product, the challenge was to match the right individual(s) with the right information, and to let the process carry itself.

Ron LaVine has developed a brilliant methodology to turn the telephone sales process into a mutually agreed-upon exchange, rather than a brief, dazzling performance. The best part about it, is that Ron is fun, energetic, intelligent, and makes sure you have the opportunity to see yourself succeed with the formula.

Ron left behind a comprehensive package of the systems which contained many useful tools. He did not, however, leave me. We had a follow-up session that helped me refine my new skills immediately. I have accomplished more in two days than I did in two months. I am setting up demos with decision makers for those "dream" accounts.

Anyone who has not heard of Ron LaVine will hear of him before long. This is the sales guru of the new millennium. I will be happy to provide a reference for him at any time."

Lisa Syring, Marketing Manager
Cadman Corporation

LIVE Cold Calling Sales Training and Telesales Training Workshops - Cold Calling System for Sales Success™


"Thank you once again for taking two hours of your time in helping me with the cold calling. Your system honestly works. There are a lot of people out in the market with different techniques on how to break through a company. I really believe you have the best strategy.

It was really helpful when you made the cold calls with me. On the flip-side it was great when you had me make the calls and were there for constructive criticism. Ron you were very helpful and your class is going to bring me much success with dealing with all sorts of companies."

Andrew Ciarlone, Account Manager
Centra Software

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To Whom It May Concern:

"I'm pleased to have the opportunity to provide this testimonial on behalf of Ron LaVine of Accelerated Sales Results, Inc. and his "Cold Calling System for Sales Success LIVE Sales Training Workshop" technique workshop. CYRANO was extremely impressed with the Cold Calling System for Sales Success - so impressed that after Ron conducted the initial workshop for our inside sales team, I asked the rest of our sales team to rearrange their schedules and attend the workshop as soon as possible.

When I came up through the sales ranks, I did not receive formal telesales training. I instinctively knew and learned through experience how to achieve sales success utilizing proper questioning and listening techniques. Ron LaVine's straightforward approach puts this valuable knowledge in terms that anyone can easily comprehend and quickly apply to expand their sales. Accelerated Sales Results' Sales TIPS for Success exceeded all of CYRANO's expectations.

Without hesitation, I recommend it for both experienced and entry-level sales people. It's a tremendous motivator."

Sean Charito, VP of Sales

Dear Ron:

I’d like to take this time to thank you again for the live cold call training workshop you delivered to the CyrusOne Sales Team.

We met all of our management objectives and were pleased with the manner in which the workshop was conducted. Our seasoned Sales Team now has an effective and efficient way to generate leads and penetrate top accounts at the highest level.

Your repeatable process and methodology was easy to implement and entertaining to watch. We were all amazed how easily you were able to navigate through accounts and obtain key information in a “live” environment. And to hear one of our own reps set an appointment with the CFO of a Fortune 100 during a training exercise (in front of both peers and management) was both amazing and motivating for the team.

Thank you again for the workshop and sharing your best practices and methodologies for cold calling.

Joshua Howard
Marketing Manager


You certainly did open my eyes in the few days of training that you provided to us. It was extremely beneficial for me. Your method for engaging and training experienced sales professionals like me was the shot in the arm that I personally needed.

I’ve had numerous sales programs and Intellworks uses a no nonsense methodology to help sales professionals cut through the gate keepers and better qualify accounts and individuals within organizations.

I definitely hope that we continue to build on your training and see you again in our offices for follow up training. If I can ever be a reference for you or your organization, please let me know.

Thank you,
Caroline Brelsford
National Sales Director

Dear Ron:

"Thank you for your recent assistance with our sales training. I had heard a number of fabulous things about your class, but had to know for myself. We are a growing company with a small budget, but I decided to take a chance. I recommended you to the CEO who was admittedly a skeptic at the time. I was pleased to see in a matter of minutes that you had not only made a believer out of all in attendance, but to the CEO as well.

Your techniques are easy to follow and simple to implement. My team members have already told me how they were able to make progress very quickly. In short, you have changed the way we conduct business on the phone and have also provided us with insight into how we do business in person.

In the past, I have attended other sales training programs, but this is the only one that I was truly happy to have paid for. The results were fast, the content effective, and our employees were left confident and with direction. I would absolutely recommend your class to any organization! Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time."

Matthew Wallace, Vice President of Sales
Dataspace, Inc.

Dear Ron,

"When I heard about you coming in to do sales training my original thought was it was going to be fluff, like many of the classes I've taken in the past. Seeing you apply your methodologies and strategies on real accounts and real customers has helped me gain a better understanding of how to pick up the phone, navigate through an account and ultimately get the decision maker on the line. My hits, number of appointments and revenue have increased since I've taken your class.

It works!"

Bill J. Sheehy, Inside Sales
divine, inc.

Dear Ron,

"I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for the Accelerated Sales Results sales training that was provided to our Inside Sales and Call Center organizations in August and September.

The techniques and methodologies Accelerated Sales Results taught has been invaluable in their evolution as an inside sales team. The end result is that our people have a renewed confidence in their ability to call "high up" as well as to qualify prospects much more effectively.

Over the past month our Call Center has tripled their lead generation performance, and our Inside Sales group has doubled their results in setting qualified appointments. It is my belief that the Accelerated Sales Results training played a significant role in this increase in performance.

Bottom line is that your training left a very positive impact on the group.

Keep up the good work"

Charlie Simmons, SVP - Inside Sales and Call Center
divine, inc.

To Mr. La Vine:

"We would like to thank you for coming to the EDS/Informix Telesales Center in Lenexa, Kansas to deliver two classes to our telesales and lead generation reps, as well as to our management staff, the week of August 7th. We enjoyed having you meet our staff and visit our operations.

We are very pleased with the methodology and techniques that you have taught our telesales reps in class. Everyone who has attended the class has enjoyed it immensely, and found great value in your processes. I have not seen a better method for prospecting in any sales literature or class.

Our telesales reps and lead generation reps are now confident and ready to pick up the phone and generate leads. We appreciate you taking time to work with our staff one-on-one to prospect for new clients. This will help us to meet our goal of transforming our operation into a "cold calling" culture.

Thank you again for you class and for sharing your excellent methodology with our group."

Paula Peters, Training Specialist

"Dear Mr. LaVine,

"I have now completed my first full month of sales on the phone since my training with you. I had to let you know what a difference your training has made. I am no longer hesitant to pick up the phone and make a call. As a matter of fact, I had not only the highest sales for the month, but also the highest number of calls made.

My fear has been replaced with excitement and enthusiasm. I can't wait to get to work in the morning and get on the phone. The confidence I feel prevents me from feeling rejection when I don't close a sale. I just look forward to my next opportunity to "discover a problem I can help solve."

I use the skills I learned in your training every call. The voice mail script has been especially helpful, but learning to listen and question has been my most successful tool I have acquired. I can't thank you enough, and my boss is amazed! I highly recommend your training to anyone who is starting out, or has hit a plateau in their sales."

Shannon E. McCallister, Channel Manager

Dear Mr. LaVine,

"I would like to thank you for an excellent training course. The four hours doing cold calls and discussing the pros and cons of each call is the most positive reinforcement to every sales book I've ever read. Reading is one thing, but putting it into action is another.

I have been using the steps that you outlined in my training and I am consistently reaching the goals I set for each call. This is an extremely effective course that I would highly recommend! "

Shannon E. McCallister, Channel Manager


"I would like to thank you for the recent sales training sessions in both our Cambridge, Massachusetts and Foster City, California offices. The Sales Representatives here at Gale Group have been through many different sales seminars and training classes over the years and I think that the overwhelming majority feels as though your approach is among the best they have ever seen.

The fact that you put your money where your mouth is and actually get on the phone and make live calls in front of everyone is incredible and keeps the class action-packed with never a dull moment.

To say the least, we are happy with the results and could not be more pleased that we retained your services. Morale and calls are both up and new business sales are not far behind. I would be happy to recommend you to any company interested in your sales training classes and would not hesitate to utilize your services again."

Peter Herz, Marketing Services Manager
Gale Group

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Letter of Recommendation

In August, I was challenged with Sales Training tasks. The task was two folds. First, seasoned sales people need to be re-framed in their sales approach as they were running into road blocks with the tried and true methodology. Second, fresh college graduates needed to become productive very quickly with their new sales careers.

Traditional national sales training courses were considered along with Ron LaVine from Accelerated Sales Results, Inc. Accelerated Sales Results, Inc. was selected because their training included real-time work with real prospects that the sales people were currently working on.

Accelerated Sales Results, Inc. "hands-on" methodology opened the eyes of seasoned people and gave confidence to the new people. Seeing the methodology implemented real time made a significant impact. Then having the sales people implement the same methodology with the sales trainer available for coaching gave the people the confidence they needed. My goals were met with Accelerated Sales Results Sales Training and I will use this service again.

I offer my personal recommendation of Accelerated Sales Results, Inc."

Chuck Weir, Vice
President - Sales
H&W Computer Systems, Inc.

Dear Ron:

"Thank you for your help with the follow-up training you recently completed with my new salespeople. I agree with your earlier observation that having a two-phase training program makes good sense. Your initial two-day session at our facility provided my staff with the skills and confidence they needed to begin their careers in sales.

The follow-up session two months later was very timely. Giving my newly-trained people two months to employ what they learned and then to go back and have another session of training sharpened their effectiveness and provided them with a new level of confidence.

What have I seen as a result of the training you provided? Prospects in my sales funnel I have never seen before. Much better qualifications. Confirmation of business need from business people as well as technical buyers. Confirmation that the value proposition we offer is attractive to the companies who have passed the qualification stage. Salespeople who are confident about what they are doing, excited about their careers, and excited about their financial future.

Ron, in the 21-plus years I have been in this business, I have used several packaged sales training programs. By using both your on-site and remote telesales training program, my people have come up to speed much quicker with a higher degree of effectiveness and confidence. Feel free to use me as a reference to your prospective clients."

Chuck Weir, Vice President of Sales
H&W Computer Systems, Inc

To Whom It May Concern:

"Throughout my Marketing College Career, the focus of my classes was on selling techniques. I never thought navigating through a company via the telephone to find the right people to talk to, would be so difficult.

Once I completed Ron LaVine's telephone training course, I was able to focus on how to locate prospects and sell to companies. I acquired the right skills to navigate through companies effectively, ask the right questions to the right people. Once, I got the right person on the telephone, I was able to obtain the necessary information I needed in an effective timely manner.

I thought the most beneficial part of his training was the actual live telephone calls he placed to H&W's customers. Not only did all of his training make sense to me, I was able to witness his telephone expertise. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Ron LaVine for his time and telephone training techniques. All the skills acquired has helped me in my day to day calls to potential customers. I believe his training is challenging and effective."

Nikki Barnekoff, Sales Associate
H&W Computer Systems, Inc

To Whom It May Concern:

The reason for this letter is to express to others and make them aware of the beneficial skills I have learned from Ron LaVine's class. Being a recent graduate from college, majoring in marketing, I thought I had learned everything I needed to know for a career in sales.

I was highly mistaken. College did however, give me a solid foundation to build upon. Ron's hands-on class has showed me that there are effective ways to gather "the right" information, from "the right" individuals.

My initial role at H&W was to handle responsibilities in telemarketing. It involved calling on leads and qualifying them to see if they met the minimum requirements according to our guidelines. In the beginning, it was difficult to get individuals to cooperate and divulge closely held information about their company, which in turn I could not make a qualified assessment.

I was taking the wrong approach with this. Ron's class illustrated the tools and the approaches I needed to take. With his help and coaching I was able to generate considerably more lead qualifications than before.

Now, I have to admit that after three months things started to slow down. I was given added responsibilities with sales and I couldn't understand why I was not getting the results I should be getting. Unknown to me I had been slowly slipping into my old routine. It was decided on to engage in Ron's refresher course.

With only spending an hour and a half on the phone with Ron calling leads, I was able to refocus myself again and perform my job at even a higher level than before. Ron's refresher course rejuvenated and excited my spirits because he has been able to show me that there are no limits.

I highly recommend Ron LaVine's training to increase your telesales performance."

Scott R. Feely, Sales Associate
H&W Computer Systems, Inc.

Dear Ron,

Thanks so much for the training! Your Cold Calling Training Seminar not only showed me — by live demonstration — how to be more effective on the phone, but also helped me to get results through email.

Your “Summary E-mail” example provided the key to my getting buy-in for a software purchase from a Vice President at a university. Before I sent the email, the director (who reports to the VP) had put me off, and things were looking bleak. There was no budget, and I was advised to call back in a month. Using the info from your seminar, I
communicated with the VP by phone and email in a professional way that made sense to him.

How do I know the email made a difference? Because two days after I sent the email, the director called me saying that they wanted to move forward with a purchase, and 11 days later, the purchase order for $65,000 came to my fax machine!

I appreciate your teaching style. You explained the concept, demonstrated it using our prospects, hammered it home by having us try it, and then provided us the written materials to help us put these principles into practice on the job after you left

Tim Beckett
Sales Representative, Southwest Region

Dear Ron,

Thanks for coming out to St. Louis to train my sales force on your live cold-calling methodology. I must say that your training has produced some excellent results.

It was the most pragmatic sales training I have ever had. Your methods are beneficial for hunters and farmers. We learned how to quickly dissect an organization and all of its key players and what business and technical initiatives they are responsible for.

Once we discover key players and the initiatives they are responsible for, using your methodology enabled us to more effectively follow through with our business and technical value.

I think your course is a pre-requisite to any sales class such as Solution Selling, Spin Selling or VITO. I think sales reps need your class before they can even begin using any other sales methodology.

It was a great hands-on experience. Your workshop is very results oriented and we actually set up appointments and meetings during the workshop. The workshop is not only about learning new ways to cold call but also about being productive at the same time. We got actual sales work done which we will use to build our pipeline and develop our territories.

Thanks again for the great class. I'd be happy to be a reference for you.


Bill Vellios
Regional Sales Manager

Dear Ron,

Thank you for providing your live cold call sales training to the team at Independent Technology Group. We had been treading water for several years with low appointment counts, and conveniently blamed it on the slow economy. I know now that we were wrong.

We immediately put into practice your techniques and strategies learned during our live training. In the first week, our appointment volume increased over 25%.

We are confident that revenue will quickly follow. We can only wonder how much more profitable our efforts would have been had we taken your training a few years ago.

Thanks again for providing us the tools for a bright future."

Douglas Marlin, Managing Partner
Independent Technology Group

Dear Ron,

"I want to express how much I appreciated your recent class at the Informix account. As you know, we were changing our mission from a customer service orientation to software sales organization. This was a challenge to say the least. We needed help in cold calling and penetrating accounts: in other words, we needed to learn how to make things happen.

Since your class we have noticed a great deal of improvement in our call statistics and quality of calls. We have started to penetrate major accounts and we saw some major sales during the third quarter. A great deal of the credit for this improvement has to be given to your class.

The reps have greater self-confidence in their jobs, and have become more aggressive in their phone skills. The new telesales reps are eager to take your class this spring.

We have never had a sales class in this department that so immediately affected the bottom line of the company
. I would highly recommend your class to anyone who wants to jump-start their sales.

Thanks again, and we are anxious to continue our relationship in the future."

David M. Hooper, Sales Support / Training Manager
Informix Software

Dear Ron,

"I wanted to drop you a short note of thanks. After attending your class this past month. I have used your methods to much success. An example of using your methods, by asking about other people within other departments.

This questioning has taken a single sale with a value of $12,400.00 to an additional opportunity within the same company for over $60,000.00. All you have to do is ask for names to contact and the floodgates open. Thank you, for assisting me in making more money for Informix Software, Inc. and more money for myself."

Ed VanDyke, Account Manager Southern California
Informix, Inc.

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Dear Ron,

"I have attended several sales seminars in the past and I truly feel that yours was the most beneficial. Your presentation of the material was concise and exact. But what really made your presentation useful was the live calling.

I was surprised how very quickly the time went by. I highly recommend your seminar to any who wish to become a true sales professional."

Michael Blaszak, Vice President
ISYS/Odyssey Development, Inc.

Dear Ron,

"I want to thank you for coming to Denver and conducting a refresher course with us. Everyone here thoroughly enjoyed the classroom instruction and interaction. The workbook you provide is a handy reference that I’m sure to use often. The best part of your sales training is watching you make live calls to our prospects. I can’t think of a better way to learn than to watch a real Pro in action.

Put me down as one of your many satisfied clients. I’m happy to speak with anyone considering taking your, live cold calling course."

Michael Blaszak, Vice President
ISYS/Odyssey Development, Inc.

Dear Ron,

"It's not often I'm inspired to take the time to write this kind of letter, but in this case I was so compelled to do so. Since the seminar you did for us in October, I can't believe the difference it has made in our sales department. Our people are making contacts they weren't able to make before and getting into accounts that have been almost impossible to get into.

I know there is no such thing as a guaranteed method of success, but I can tell you that if anyone were to honestly try your approach, I would have a very difficult time believing that they wouldn't succeed.

Ron, I know that I was very skeptical when we first spoke about this approach working in our industry and you assured me that industry didn't make a difference and promised to show us during the seminar that it would work. Well you did and it does.

This is something I know that my people and myself will take with us through the rest of our careers."

David Cromer, Vice president of Sales
International Retail Services Group, LLC

Dear Ron:

"I wanted to send you a note to comment on the class The Secrets of Cold Calling Success.

Having participated in many training classes in the past, I found this one to be one of the best. The approach, the hands-on experience, and the practical applications will all be beneficial in what we do on a daily basis. Also, as a facilitator myself, I certainly know that keeping the participants engaged in the process is sometimes very challenging. Your approach and style in presenting the class certainly kept everyone engaged at all times.

The class was very educational, helpful, and extremely beneficial! Thank you!!"

Cynthia S. Sech, Business Development Manager
MeadWestvaco Corporation

Dear Ron:

"I want to formally thank you for the enlightening cold calling class! I have worked in sales for the past 10 years and have never had such a comprehensive, sure-fire way of getting on the phone with a decision-maker. I used the script today and got to the correct person on the line at Burger King. The bottom line is THIS SYSTEM WORKS!"

Debbie Townshend, Business Development Manager,
MeadWestvaco Corporation

Dear Ron:

"Thank you for delivering the "Cold Calling System for Sales Success Sales Training Workshop" to our western region Business Development Team. I found the session to be very informative and hands-on from a Learner's perspective.

The model you've developed is thorough and immediately applicable to any type of industry and your method of teaching it is very effective.

I personally enjoyed the opportunity to make a call, apply this learning and test the process. It is proof that you do not have to be a salesperson to use these techniques!

Also, thank you for taking the time to learn about MeadWestvaco, this enabled you to speak the language of our sales group, which lends a lot of credibility."

Lisa Hone, Manager, Human Resources Development
MeadWestvaco Corporation

Dear Ron:

"Thanks again for the great follow up time that you spent with me and my associate Rob Ginsberg. In four short hours we got appointments with UCLA and Cal State Long Beach, not to mention the name of the key print buyer at KB Homes. We will keep you posted on our success at DirecTV as well. Rob will be presenting a strategic sourcing program to them soon. Take care and until next time, happy selling."

Mike Hooghkirk, Business Development, West Region
MeadWestvaco Corporation

Dear Ron:

"Thank you for the cold call / prospect training that you provided my sales team. We appreciated the knowledge you imparted as well as your flexible facilitation style!

These new skills we acquired, with your help, will be imperative for our expected sales growth in the upcoming year -- as well as our desire to develop more Strategic Sourcing programs with large corporate end users.

We look forward to the follow up training we have scheduled -- and my colleagues in the East and Central Region are looking forward to learning from your expertise as well!"

Monica Sorensen, West Region Business Development Manager
MeadWestvaco Corporation

Dear Ron:

"Thank you for your outstanding class.

I truly believe you have opened our eyes to a new world of opportunities. Even the most cynical sales reps were amazed by the new horizons opened for them.

The entire team feel that they are now equipped with better tools to explore their territories. The team’s reactions were amazing. Your system DOES work.

I was so excited by this opportunity that I have decided to take one territory to myself and try your technique.

I got responses from my people such as “I don’t know what have I been doing for the last 5 years”, “I am a changed man” and more.

The fact that while the training was still going on we already got two real important meetings was striking even to the most skeptic people. They are all are very excited now.

I feel that your system can be used not only on the cold calls - in fact, I am applying parts of it to each and every call I am making. I am sure we will use your services again. Thanks again for helping us be a more successful team."

Rami Ziv, Executive Sales / Product Specialist
Medcon Telemedicine Technology, Inc.

Dear Ron:

"I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for the excellent instruction you gave us at Micro Focus this week. I was so impressed at the practical approach and non-threatening way you were able to get to the appropriate people and “logical” way this can be accomplished.

I have been successfully selling in high-tech for over 30 years and it has become extremely important to be able to not only keep up the skill level but to learn new and better techniques to save time and make it count. Your approach certainly did that for me. I have the documents sitting by my phone and have set aside time every day to practice the techniques you taught. I am certainly a believer and hope that I can become as effective and efficient as you.

Thanks again for the excellent training and keep in touch."

Mike Bellows, Director Strategic Accounts
Micro Focus, Inc

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Dear Ron:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for not only training my team on your very effective prospecting techniques, but also for your continued support and responsiveness as we move forward with implementing the Accelerated Sales Results method."

Leslie Carstens, Account Manager
Micro Focus, Inc.

Dear Ron:

"I was very pleased with the class. I think you did a wonderful job motivating my team and getting them to realize that you can call high in an account and get results.

Many of my reps are charging ahead and calling CEO's, CIO's and Top Level VP's. I am sure this will help our business."

Susan Dickinson, NA Sales Manager
Micro Focus, Inc.

Dear Ron:

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the outstanding job that you and Accelerated Sales Results did for the Western Region. As you may recall, you were brought in to deal with our specific problems of obtaining quality leads and information and build the pipeline.

I am happy to report that after starting the year with negative margin, we ended with significantly increased margin and my specific district demonstrated significant increases quarter after quarter in both revenue and pipeline strength.
Indeed, this new year marked the largest number of new customers in the west than ever before.

I am confident that the pragmatic techniques that you so clearly and readily demonstrated within just a short amount of time were a key contributor to our success. I have found your techniques applicable to both the low-end commodity type sell in addition to the larger, long-term strategic account sell.

In addition, your ongoing support via your email subscription lists and willingness to answer ongoing questions clearly demonstrate your commitment to your client's success.

Please feel free to provide my name and number to anyone considering taking advantage of your educational offerings."

Brian Freese, District Sales Manager Northwest District
MicroStrategy, Inc.

Dear Ron,

"Your two day "Cold Calling System for Sales Success Sales Training" session has given my staff, any myself a renewed enthusiasm, not only for direct telephone sales, but for the entire sales process
. With the training you provided, we now have a better grasp on the new sales paradigm of "understanding comes before selling".

We learned so many valuable techniques that were put into practice, and they have already proven to be very successful in our everyday sales activities. Your training will help our team to the next level.
It certainly exceeded my expectations, and was well worth the investment."

Jerry Neese, Director of Sales

Dear Ron,

"Thanks again for doing such an excellent job with our training session in June. It was exactly what we needed. The techniques you taught were easy to grasp and worked well for all of our salespeople, regardless of their experience or openness to new ideas. The techniques were practical, they addressed our greatest needs, and it was obvious that they would make a difference. Then, when we all started to put them to work in the practice calls, all I can say is "Wow!"

We sold more during the demo calls that we invested in the training. Now that is ROI!

Its been about seven weeks since the training and I've seen a clear and positive difference in the way we sell and the way we think. I've participated in a lot of training in my career, but I've never seen a program that impacted performance so directly. The workshop clearly exceeded our expectations."

Tom Brooksher, President

Dear Ron,

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend your Cold Calling System for Sales Success LIVE Sales Training Workshop. Even though I have been in sales for over ten (10) years, I left your workshop with a new sense of commitment and confidence when applying your techniques to cold calling and prospecting.

Making actual telephone calls during the workshop was also far more valuable than just listening to you teach from a workbook. Thanks again, and feel free to use me as a reference."

Vince Stanton, Central Regional Sales Representative

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"I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable and profitable I have found your telephone sales training. You have virtually changed the way I do business on the phone.

As a small software company, our marketing strategy for nine years consisted of sending demos to prospects who had responded to an ad, direct mail piece or our internet site. We typically sent the demo and followed up with a phone call. Most of my time on the phone was spent "following up" or "touching bases" I found these phone calls to be very superficial in most cases and was often frustrated because the prospects had not taken the time to review our demo.

The biggest change I have made as a result of your training was to send demos only to prospects whom I first pre-qualify on the phone. At the time of my initial call, I set up a calendared with the prospect to review the demo with them over the telephone. Far from being put off or too busy as I thought they might be, the prospects have expressed appreciation for my taking the time to do this with them. Ironically, many of the prospects have already reviewed the demo themselves by the time I call back for our phone demo. Knowing I will be calling them at a certain time motivates them to "do their homework."

I have been using this new approach for only a few weeks, but the training has already paid for itself. The first week I began doing phone demos, I not only made a sale right on the phone, but the customer also bought several extra modules which almost doubled the purchase price.
I do not think I would have effected this sale without your training, and I am certain I would not have obtained the add-ons.

Perhaps what I appreciated most about your training is that my telephone time is 100% more enjoyable.
I feel like I am getting to know my prospects more as people, their likes and dislikes, what their problems are, even what they like to do in their spare time. I am creating relationships with them that go beyond just making a quick sale. Not only is this a more profitable approach, it provides me with increased job satisfaction that motivates me to make more calls.

Ron, I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I happened upon your web site on the Internet. All I expected from my sales training session was a few suggestions that would tweak my basic approach. Instead, I have adopted a whole new game plan that is far more enjoyable and profitable.

I wish you continued success training others with your highly effective telephone sales strategies and will always be grateful for your help."

Nancy Green, VP Customer Service
On-line Consultant Software, Inc.

Dear Ron,

"Thank you so much for the excellent reinforcement training you provided last week. Is it just a coincidence that the next day I had a much higher percentage of my calls returned, scheduled more demos, and performed more effectively overall?

So much of telephone sales is not only technique, but also confidence. You reinvigorated me to ask more and better questions so I could obtain the kind of information that will result in increased sales.

I found myself going a step further with my calls, uncovering information I may have otherwise overlooked. Instead of operating "in the dark," wondering what the clients next move might be, I found myself leading them to their next action.

I also talked to more people within each organization, directing my inquiries to other key players instead of just settling for the voice mail message. What has been of most value from both of my training sessions with you is getting a fresh perspective on my activities. We all get into a rut in our sales practices, so having you critique them and suggest better strategies has been a breath of fresh air.

Not only has it made me more effective, it has also created more enjoyment in my work.

Although I learned a lot from our first training session, the reinforcement training added a more complex level of understanding of your innovative sales techniques.
I think one can only absorb so much in one training session and then must put those ideas into practice before advancing to the next level.

The time we spent together will be among the most profitable hours I spent this year, and I can't wait until next year to see all the great results. Thanks again."

Nancy Greene, VP, Customer Services
On-line consultant Software, Inc.

Dear Ron,

"I just wanted to send you a short letter of thanks for the sales training that we received on July 29th in Hermosa Beach, California. It was only a few calls after applying your methodology that I was able to land a key decision-maker from a 40+ Cardiovascular Surgeon group.

By using the information gathering format you taught during the training, I scheduled a live software demonstration with four of the top executives within the group.
I had made numerous calls before your training and had no success in getting any of these individuals on the phone.

I have no doubt that your training will greatly impact our sales success here at Physicians Information Exchange. Once we get totally comfortable in applying your methods to our calls I expect instant success. Thanks again for your time and training. I hope to have many more of these "success" letters for you in the future."

Blane McMillan, Business Development Manager
Physicians Information Exchange

To Whom It May Concern

After I took the LaVine training several years ago it changed my total approach to marketing. I hate the term "telemarketing" because that has become a word used to describe any "dummy" who uses the telephone to sell a product or service. I don't see myself as a telemarketer. I am a salesman who uses the telephone successfully to sell software tools to Oracle Applications environments, and I am successful because of techniques that I was taught by Ron LaVine of Accelerated Sales Results.

It was a 'hands-on' training class, Ron taught us in the classroom setting, then, in the "live on the telephone" setting, where he made a call and let us hear what the prospect said as he probed for information about the company and the decision-making process in that company.

I am on the telephone every day, making sales calls into fifteen states in the US and three provinces in Canada, plus northern Europe. I sell software tools for Oracle Applications shops. Ron's Accelerated Sales Results training works for me, everyday, on every call. I might not be as successful today without his teaching in that class at Sterling Software several years ago."

Ben Thomas, Account Manager
RingMaster Software

Dear Ron,

"I wanted to write to express my gratitude for the work you've done with my sales team. As you know, I came to you with a team of people both seasoned and new to our organization, and also a company that is changing it's product set and the way we sell. My goal was to significantly increase our penetration in to both new and existing accounts, in addition to build confidence in my people regarding how they uncover deals and network within their respective opportunities. We are firm believers in sales process and have embraced Solution Selling, however, you know my personal feelings are that Solution Selling is great once you make contact, but we needed a whole process around getting to the right people.

All I can say so far is "what a difference". It was great to see people in your session with us literally jumping up to work with you and put in to practice what you were teaching them. You have made firm believers out of 15 people on how to work through a company to get the information you need to be successful. Confidence levels have skyrocketed. We are actively measuring numbers of new quality contacts, number of new deals generated, size of pipeline, etc. and all are on the rapid rise. I now can say with confidence that we have the right sales tools to effectively grow the business like we want. Thanks for all your help."

Gig Willson, District Manager
SAS Software

Dear Mr. LaVine:

"I just wanted to inform you of the immediate impact your training has had for our team. We were not getting a good return on investment for our significant hours of prospecting before we took your course. We were trained in Solution Selling but it didn't address how to get contact information on key decision makers quickly, how to quickly build an organizational chart, and how to start learning from the first moment of contact with targeted companies before you talk to the decision maker.

In my opinion, this is an excellent process to use before Solution Selling begins.
As a result of your training, we received an immediate return during the training workshops on the second day of training. Key decision maker names were easily identified and organizational charts outlining key solution areas were created. In addition, our team had increased confidence in pursuing their accounts more aggressively using this new technique. It was truly a "light bulb moment" for many on the team. I appreciate your time and energy in making this training a success."

James F. Hartwig, Sr., District Manager
SAS Software

Dear Ron,

"Thanks again for a great class. Because of it, my telephone prospecting and qualifying has tripled in efficiency and I'm getting into companies I formerly had regarded as impossible. Watching you in action, on real live calls, call after call, showing how to get past barriers and maximize the value of each call, was remarkable. I was amazed by your success and am now beginning to achieve similar results myself.

I would certainly recommend this class and your follow-up support to any business-to-business sales organization. Don't hesitate to use me as an enthusiastic reference anytime! "

Sylvia Ahern, Ph.D., Account Manager
Sterling Software

Dear Ron,

"Thank you for the telesales training you provided. It has already produced results.

Everyone walked away with new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. We are looking forward to having you come back to train our new reps.

Once again, I really enjoyed the class. It was very beneficial to my group."

Shelby Davis, Manager, Lead Management
Sterling Software

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Dear Mr. LaVine,

" You recently conducted a sales training class for my sales force. They left your class re-energized and excited about getting on the phone. The training you provided was very valuable, especially how to get the most information from each call. I have seen sales increase and morale improve in the last few weeks.

I encourage my sales managers to go over the techniques learned in your class at least once a month to keep them fresh. Thank you for a positive and useful course."

Kim Cooke, President
US Netcom

Dear Ron,

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciated the live telesales training course you provided for my company. This was the first training course that I had in my nineteen years of sales experience that I actually was able to implement what I was learning during the training.

By following the Sales MAP and applying the techniques learned, I have been able to exceed my goals and quotas in half the time it used to take me. Your processes work and are non intrusive into my clients daily routines, in fact my clients are now truly my partners in bringing Valtech's services into their companies.

Thank you again and keep up the good work."

Jeff Abee, Senior Business Development Executive
Valtech Technologies, Inc.

Dear Ron,

"I am so glad that I finally have a process I can get my arms around!!!

On Wednesday April 11th, I made a cold call into a prestigious Fortune 500 company in Chicago. I started from the top-down like you taught us. The CEO's office referred me to the CIO, who referred me to the Managing Partner. I left a voice mail at this level.

On Monday, April 16th, I received a return call from the Director of Development stating that his boss asked him to give me a call!!! (How fun is that?) We spoke briefly, and he put me on his calendar for a 1-hour meeting on May 14th!

In the interim, we have scheduled another 15-minute phone appointment to continue our discussion of how they do business, their needs, challenges, etc.

I love it when a plan works!

Vicki Pate, Business Development Executive
Valtech Technologies, Inc.

Dear Ron,

it was great to have you back to Valtech Technologies, Inc. for the third time. Your course in how to remove the rejection and fear from cold calling was outstanding as usual. I wanted to send you this note thanking you for taking the extra time to understand the dynamics of the team that you taught, as this was not the normal Valtech indoctrinated sales group.

This time around you customized the course to accommodate our brand new incubator program for Business Development Associates (right out of college and new to sales) as well as 3 to 4 mid to senior level sales people who have never had this type of cold call training before. I know it was difficult with a mixed level of skill sets in the course but you handled the challenges masterfully!

My team has been raving over how easy and helpful this system has been in getting them the appointment and in front of the client. Please continue the good work and we will be sure to have you back for our next training session!

Happy Selling!

Jeff Abee
Director of Sales
Valtech Technologies North America

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